The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (PTO) has announced that it will increase fees up to $75 per class in 2020. This will result in higher fees for organizations filing for trademark registration. 

How does this affect my business?

For every registration filed, the product or service is put into one of 46 classes. For example, clothing is class 25, dog training is class 41. When your business submits an application for a mark, your attorney will help you select which class (or classes) your application should file under. Submitting an application under the wrong class can lead to denial of mark or delay in registration. 

The PTO charges a filing fee per class. Depending on the business, the cost to file an application to register a trademark may increase up to $75 per class. Other fees may also be increasing as part of this 2020 fee update. 

How can my business avoid additional fees?

The rate increase is expected to go into effect in August  2020. Businesses or owners who have a product or service that is ready for registration should consider filing earlier to avoid the fee increase.

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