The Law Office of Diane M. Chubb, Esq.

Intellectual Property Law For Your 21st Century Business

About The Firm

Established in 2005, the Law Office of Diane M. Chubb, Esq. brings Attorney Chubb’s nearly 20 years of experience to businesses, creatives and inventors who seek intellectual property protection for their assets. We assist organizations in establishing and preserving the value of their brands to allow them to take full advantage of their value through licensing and merchandising.

Our experience in the spectrum of the intellectual property field, from working on trademark and copyright acquisition and protection, to merchandising, litigation and corporate matters, gives our team a unique understanding of the needs of our clients and the corporate attorneys with whom we work to protect owner assets.

Jane Elliott Johnson
Practice Manager

Coming to us with more than 15 years of experience in nonprofit and office administration, Jane serves as the Practice Manager for the Chubb Law Group. She is responsible for the daily operations of the firm, including scheduling, invoicing and status checks. She works with the team at the firm and clients to ensure that all deadlines are met and projects are completed to the satisfaction of all parties.

A graduate of Shepherd University and University of Maryland, University College, Jane holds a Master of Science degree in Health Care Administration, a Bachelor of Science degree in Business, and is a licensed nursing home administrator in Massachusetts and Maryland. Prior to working at the firm, she spent more than 15 years in the nonprofit and healthcare industry as a Nursing Home Administrator. Her work ensured the smooth operations of a facility in complex environments that combined the challenging areas of patient care, medical billing, human resources and facilities management.

Today, tasked with the responsibility of firm operations, Jane’s role is vital in ensuring that client needs are met in the most efficient and comprehensive manner possible. She often acts as the face of the firm, interfacing with both clients and third parties to facilitate the resolution of client projects and promotion of the firm in the local area. Jane consistently shows an unflapping ability and flexibility in wearing the many hats needed to keep our small, niche firm running smoothly and with distinction.

Nicole A. Lafond

Nicole is a second semester Senior at the University of New Hampshire. She is paralegal in training and has completed a good deal of research and writing experience through her undergraduate studies. Nicole will be graduating in May 2021 with a double major in Psychology and Justice Studies. After she graduates, she plans on pursuing law school in hopes of specializing in IP and trademark law.

Upon needing guidance for a specific client matter, the trademark angels heard my cry for help and sent Diane. Diane helped ease my discomfort with handling a client matter, talked me through the process of reaching out to opposing counsel and provided invaluable advice regarding how to handle a delicate situation… Diane had an expert grip on my situation which made me feel extremely comfortable and securing knowing that an experienced intellectual property attorney was in my corner. Diane’s advice and guidance made feel confident in my endeavor and she even took the time to provide some encouraging words for me… I highly recommend Diane 10 times over.

Jessica Gonzalez

Co-Founder/Partner, Moyeno Gonzalez & Associates PC | Hoboken, New Jersey