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Intellectual Property Law For Your 21st Century Business


Trademark Enforcement

Your business reputation is everything. The good will you generate is a result of hard work, excellent customer service and quality work. The last thing you need is another business trading on your name.

While no one wants to spend resources simply to maintain what belongs to them, failure to enforce the rights in your brand can lead to the loss of those rights.


Trademark Registration

Your brand is your most valuable asset. Treat it that way by putting it in the hands of an expert, someone who understands your goals and your challenges.

With over 20 years of experience in trademark law, we are the experts your brand deserves. We keep up with all the changes in the law and the markets. We know (and mitigate) the risks to your brand and your business.


Trademark Disputes

Finding that perfect domain name is challenging. It seems like the best ones have been taken, or, even more frustrating, they are for sale for an outrageous amount of money.

Stop infringers from hurting your business by winning back control over your mark. Our experienced team can help you with the legal process to force a third party to turn over their infringing domain name.

Peer Mentorship

The threat of litigation. Nothing strikes fear in a business owner more than the possibility of endless legal bills and the time that a lawsuit takes from running your business.

Understanding the motivations of the parties involved can lead to better results. We have worked both sides – representing the large Fortune 500 companies as well as the small business owners.

Upon needing guidance for a specific client matter, the trademark angels heard my cry for help and sent Diane. Diane helped ease my discomfort with handling a client matter, talked me through the process of reaching out to opposing counsel and provided invaluable advice regarding how to handle a delicate situation… Diane had an expert grip on my situation which made me feel extremely comfortable and securing knowing that an experienced intellectual property attorney was in my corner. Diane’s advice and guidance made feel confident in my endeavor and she even took the time to provide some encouraging words for me… I highly recommend Diane 10 times over.
Jessica Gonzalez

Co-Founder/Partner, Moyeno Gonzalez & Associates PC | Hoboken, New Jersey