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Peer Mentorship

As attorneys, we want to take care of our clients and provide them with the best advice and options for their particular situation. However, no attorney can be the master of every area of law. There are too many nuances and details that make any practice area challenging. To best care for your client and your practice, it may be necessary to bring in someone with more experience in a specific field.

Learn more about how tapping into our 20+ years of trademark and copyright experience can help streamline your operations and provide your clients with the right solution.

Consulting Program

In recent years, filing an application for trademark registration has become more challenging than ever. It’s not always possible to foresee every obstacle that may arise prior to registration, and matters that were previously routine can spiral into a larger conflict. Often attorneys are faced with the challenge as to the best course of action, and how it will affect their client.

Filing is only one part of the challenge. Research to find the correct solution to protect your client’s interests can be time consuming, and yet, many clients are not always willing to pay for that process. As their representative, you need answers quickly. You need to gauge how to best serve your client without exhausting your budgets or staff hours.

The breadth of our experience working with both large and small companies can provide you and your clients with smart, affordable comprehensive solutions. Through our Consulting Program, we can guide you on the best approach to resolve your conflicts.

Our Consulting Program offers you the option of resolving an individual issue or providing limited representation for your client’s trademark research, application or dispute.

Co-Counsel Services

Whether you offer trademark application filing as part of your core services, or as an add-on for your practice, it can be an unpredictable process. Despite all due diligence in searching and clearing a mark, a third party can file an objection to the registration, or try to cancel an already registered mark.

We understand how matters before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board can become time consuming very quickly. With labor-intensive discovery, a unique set of requirements, hard deadlines and the need for a sound strategy, TTAB disputes can take on the complexity of full litigation, something that many firms, especially smaller ones, find overwhelming.

If you have limited experience with TTAB, or are a small practice with limited resources, bringing in specialized help early in the proceeding is critical to resolving the conflict quickly and efficiently. We have experience with many small firms, and work with these groups as co-counsel on TTAB matters or assisting with trademark disputes.


As attorneys, we have all had the conversation with a prospective client that includes the sentiment: “Please do not confuse your Google Search with my Law Degree.” Information is one thing, understanding how to use that information is quite another.

Time and experience are the best teachers when it comes to the practice of law. And while there are hundreds of websites, books and practice guides to assist a less-experienced attorney, often it can be difficult to know what you’re looking for, or challenging just to find the time to search for answers.

Through decades of practice, we have learned the benefits of working with an experienced attorney, and how it can help avoid the pitfalls and mistakes of those with less experience in trademark law. Whether you need sample documents, strategy reviews, or have questions regarding procedure, our Mentoring Program will help answer your questions quickly, efficiently and correctly, to the benefit of your clients and your practice.

Whether you want to delve deeper into trademark law, or just expand your practice to provide greater service for your clients, contact us to learn more about how we have helped numerous attorneys to build a successful trademark practice, and how we can do the same for you.