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We work with businesses of all sizes to help them identify, register and protect the assets most vital to their success. Our work includes collaborating with other firms who counsel these organizations, ensuring that the right expertise is available at critical junctures for the business’ progress.


Creatives can and should protect the value of what they produce, and our work helps them do just that. Our work includes both identification and registration of protectable works, as well as protection of the agency itself to ensure the agency is able to maintain positive and successful relationships with their clients.


Whether entrepreneur or inventor, we recognize that innovators need someone to watch out for their best interest in both asset protection and business associations. We work directly with these forward-thinkers, including collaborating with other professionals in the legal arena to ensure that they can continue to be creative while protecting their investments.

I have been practicing trademark and copyright law for almost 20 years and can honestly say that Diane is a uniquely valuable attorney, due to her unique blend of legal experiences. She has practiced in a highly respected firm, in-house for one of the biggest players in the content-owner industry, and as an entrepreneur. In addition to giving her a deep understanding of the law, these experiences allow her to put herself into the perspective of varying players in any given situation. As a result, she can provide her clients with more holistic, well-thought analyses and more creative solutions than many attorneys are able to provide. Trust me – I’ve been around the block more than once! …She is easy to work with and professional, and I always learn something – working with Diane is a true pleasure!

Gretchen McCord

Attorney & Founder, Law Offices of Gretchen McCord, PLLC | Rockdale, Texas